Best Apex Legends Weapons

Best Apex Legends Weapons

In the game, you can find all sorts of Assault Rifles, Snipers, Sub Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Pistols, and Shotguns. Different weapons are located all across the map, so players can pick up and use any of them.

The Best Guns And Tips On Where To Find Them

While there are quite a few weapons that deliver excellent performance, we should start this list with the two most powerful of them. Both of these guns are legendary and highly demanded. Due to these reasons, they are only available in air drops, unlike the others that you can find all across the King’s Canyon. Each of them also features special limited ammo, which means you can only get a specific number of shots with each and no more.

Kraber – Sniper Rifle

This sniper can boast of incredible high damage indicators – 250 for head and 125 for a body, which makes it one of the deadliest guns in the game because these are the best stats. Thus, if you are accurate enough, you can’t lose a fight with the Kraber.

This rifle doesn’t have any attachment slots but comes packed with a 6x-10x variable optic. However, you have to use it wisely as you only have eight bullets with it!

Mastiff – Shotgun

In a single shot, this beast shotgun can deliver 36 damage with a headshot and 18 damage if you hit the opponent’s body. Accordingly, its 16-round ammo can cause 288 and 144 damage in total. It gives enough firepower to kill an enemy, who has only one bar of armor left, with one shot into the body and it always kills the opponent with a single headshot. However, handling this weapon requires good skills, so make sure you get enough practice before using it.

These are the two most killer weapons in Apex Legends and now let’s look at the best guns from different categories.

Prowler Burst – Submachine Gun

Of course, the choice of a perfect SMG depends on the mode of your preference, so Prowler Burst may not suit everyone. However, if you are good at handling burst guns, it will be the best option from the SMG group.

It fires with five-round burst making it quite challenging for your opponents to kill you if you possess the necessary skills. The only disadvantage of the Prowler is its high recoil, but this doesn’t affect its efficiency too much.


Triple Take – Sniper Rifle

While not everyone is lucky enough to find the rare Kraber, we bet that most players will find the Triple Take a good alternative, which is both easier to find and much easier to use. This rifle beats the rest of snipers in terms of damage, and this is what makes it the best.

Its mag size is quite small and consists of only five bullets, but it delivers as much as 138 head and 69 body damage. Although it is easier to use than Kraber, it still requires high accuracy from you.

R-301 – Assault Rifle

The best assault rifle greatly depends on the player's wishes and style of playing, which is why we have two options of ARs in our top list. The first one is R-301. It is good thanks to the simple use and mobility. However, it delivers less damage.

It has low recoil and uses light ammo, which makes it a standard but effective weapon. It is also the best gun option for newer users, who are still getting the feel of the game.

Hemlock Burst – Assault Rifle

Another good gun from the AR group is Hemlock. Just like the Prowler, it is a weapon with a burst mode, so it may not suit everyone’s needs. However, it is definitely one of the best assault rifles.

Like other burst guns, Hemlock requires accuracy and will generously reward your skills. Unlike Prowler, it offers a higher multiplier for each headshot and has less recoil.

Spitfire – Light Machine Gun

This is a perfect example of all round weapon thanks to sufficient damage it delivers and quite a decent rate of fire. It has a high DPS of 80 and can perform well both at short and long distances.

This is our list of top Apex Legends weapons that can help you succeed in this game. Some of them may suit you and some may not. Thus, try to pick your weapons wisely and don’t forget that your success depends not only on the choice of a gun but also on your skills and strategy!