Bangalore: How To Play?

Bangalore: How To Play?

The first of eight unique Legends to play within Apex Legends is Bangalore. She plays the role of a classic soldier. She knows everything about different kinds of weapon, is a fast runner, and an accurate shooter. Although she may look like a mediocre player that you can find in any other battle game, she is not that simple. Certain tips can turn her into a powerful rival. In this guide, we will tell you how to best apply her abilities on the battlefield.

Active Skill: Smoke Launcher

Bangalore's smoke canisters are perfect for a cover that you carry around wherever you go. Enemies will hardly be able to see you and your squad through a wall of smoke created around you. It can also win you some time for safely healing you or your team member. However, note that you only have two charges.

Passive Skill: Double Time

Her passive skill allows you to shot while you are running. This is useful both for offensive and defensive purposes. You can either assault enemies on the go or quickly get away. Be sure to control the direction in which you are heading.

Ultimate Skill: Rolling Thunder

You can call down an artillery strike that doesn’t hurt you but cause decent damage. It can help you kill a few enemies or win some time while they will be running away from the battlefield.