Bloodhound: How To Play?

Bloodhound: How To Play?

Another one of eight Legends that players can pick is Bloodhound. Without a doubt, he is the best tracker and hunter in Apes Legends. His unique skills allow you to find opponents and share this information with your team to get a valuable advantage over the enemies’ team. However, Bloodhound can only bring you a victory if you use all of his senses wisely and to the fullest, and below is a guide on how to do this.

Active Skill: Eye of the Allfather

This is a great active ability to get an idea of what surrounds you. However, the range of Bloodhound’s sight is not that large, so you should never think that you are safe if your active skill didn’t show you anything. Note that when you activate this feature anyone will see a pulse, so it can also let the rival’s squad see where you are located.

Passive Skill: Tracker

With this character, you can see the footprints of your opponents. Try to use this skill wisely to reveal the enemy’s tactic, but don’t get too distracted from the battle tracking down your opponents.

Ultimate Skill: Beast of the Hunt

With this skill, you can see your opponents highlighted in red and you get faster. You can use this to escape faster or suddenly assault your enemy. However, with this mode, we recommend you not to stand still, as it will make it harder to kill or track you. Note that it takes some time to enable this feature, so you should turn it on in advance.