Caustic: How To Play?

Caustic: How To Play?

In a big pool of characters presented in Apex Legends, Caustic is the one who sets perfect traps for enemies, granting you a victory. He can easily frustrate, trap and even kill opponents with his special gas.

Below we have gathered all the information you should know about this character to become a winner.

Active Skill: Nox Gas

This character features canisters filled with deadly gas. You can throw them anywhere on the ground – this way they will activate in a moment, or you can shoot them right at the opponent for instant activation.

A good tactic is to leave these canisters next to locations where you may be fighting. Another good idea is to drop one of them at your feet when you are being attacked – this way your enemies won’t see you. Finally, they can be used to block the doors. Note that you only have 6 canisters, which regenerate in quite a long time, so use them wisely.

Passive Skill: Nox Vision

This is what gives this character a huge advantage. While everyone trapped in your gas will feel frustrated and won’t see through it, you can still see your enemies. To get the most use of it, throw a gas grenade inside a building or in the open space where you previously have attracted the enemies, but consider the location of your allies because they also get blind and slow in your gas.

Ultimate Skill: Nox Gas Grenade

These grenades contain lots of gas and can cover up large areas. Opponents trapped inside the gas cloud will likely stay there blindfolded and slow, which will give you a chance to kill them. However, note that these grenades don’t explode right away.