Gibraltar: How To Play?

Gibraltar: How To Play?

Choosing between a vast variety of heroes available in Apex Legends, this big and tough guy may seem like one of the most dangerous ones. However, despite his appearance, Gibraltar is not a killer, but a character who protects the whole squad with his shields. Here is everything you need to know about him.

Active Skill: Dome of Protection

Gibraltar’s dome can cover you and your whole team and give you 15 seconds in a safe space. Use it to survive the rival’s assault and even artillery, or take this time to reload and heal.

Passive Skill: Gun Shield

This skill gives you a small shield for personal protection only. It appears when you aim down. Note that it takes a certain time to enable and it doesn’t make you completely invincible – all you can take is a certain amount of damage, and after it takes some time to recharge, so keep an eye on this.

Ultimate Skill: Defensive Bombardment

This character has a unique ability to activate a mortar strike to a chosen location. It causes huge damage but doesn’t cover a large area. Thus, it is not the best tool to kill someone. Instead, it can make them run away – this will give you enough time to switch your positions.