Lifeline: How To Play?

Lifeline: How To Play?

Among all Apex Legend’s heroes, Lifeline provides the best support. Her main function is to stick around and heal her squad members whenever this is needed. She is not too much of a warrior but this fact doesn’t make her useless. On the contrary, Lifeline is a player each squad needs to survive. Below are some tips on how to play with this character.

Active Skill: Heal Drone

Lifeline’s drone cures your allies and restores their armors automatically when it detects someone who needs help next to it. However, it can’t always fully heal a player. Still, don’t neglect it on the battlefield to save your squad in a fight.

Passive Skill: Combat Medic

During the fight, you will face the need to revive your teammates quite often. Other characters can also do this, but Lifeline can handle this task 25% faster than others. Besides, she has a shield that protects her as she cures someone, which means you will stay safe.

Ultimate Skill: Care Package

This legend supplies excellent defensive gear to her team members. Her package can boost your team’s effectiveness significantly, but be careful when you enable this feature because it is also a great way to attract enemies.