Pathfinder: How To Play?

Pathfinder: How To Play?

Pathfinder – a friendly and optimistic robot that he can get almost anywhere (including hardly reachable locations) faster than others. Continue reading to learn how to use this Legend to your benefit.

Active Skill: Grappling Hook

Whenever you face the need to get away from the rival’s team or hide in the out-of-reach places, Pathfinder’s hook is a perfect tool for this. However, don’t forget that battle royale games require constant movement, so don’t get stuck in one place for too long even if it seems safe. This makes this character very mobile.

Passive Skill: Insider Knowledge

During each battle, the ring always shrinks. That’s where Pathfinder’s passive skill will serve to your benefit – he scans survey beacons and shows where you have to move next. This will help your team get to those places faster and set traps to make this way more challenging for the rivals.

Ultimate Skill: Zipline Gun

Build ziplines to move around the map faster and easier. However, note that everyone can use it, which means that you have to watch out for your enemies. Also, be careful with choosing the destinations in order not to get right into the enemy team.