Wraith: How To Play?

Wraith: How To Play?

Another versatile Legend is Wraith. She is the only character offered in Apex Legends who can control spacetime. Her portals are excellent for mobility and protection from danger. However, it may be quite hard to master her. Below we have gathered some tips for you.

Active Skill: Into the Void

Step into a void to get away from the rival’s assault. It will take you to a safe space and make your hero invisible. With this in mind, you can use this Wraith’s ability to save a life, but it takes time to master it. However, be aware that you will leave a noticeable trail, which will make it quite easy for your opponent to find you.

Passive Skill: Voices from the Void

It is a highly useful skill – whenever the rival drops a look at you, comes your way, aims at you or sticks around the same area, you will know it! Thus, Wraith is the only legend, who can know for sure whether he is safe at the moment or not.

Also, you can pass the information to your squad, but it is not always a good idea.

Ultimate Skill: Dimensional Rift

This feature enables you to create portals between two places that go through another dimension. It is a perfect tool to escape from danger through a safe space or just move across the map faster. Note that you will only have 60 seconds.