Apex Legends: Caustic

Apex Legends: Caustic

Real Name: Alexander Nox

Age: 48

Ultimate Skill: Gas Grenade

Passive Capability: Special Vision

Tactical Capability: Gas Trap

Sometimes, he can also be referred to as Reaper. All of his skills engage the poisoned gas one way or another. This is probably the evilest character in the game, which proves that not all characters on the battlefield are heroes. Using his grenades, he can cover big areas with deadly gas and what is more, he gets an improved vision that allows him to clearly see the opponents that move through his gas cloud. Canisters with Caustic’s gas, which, by the way, is quite damaging, can be thrown right into enemies or carefully hidden to make an unexpected surprise.

In the past, he used to be one of the specialists at the lab that was Frontier’s leading producer of gases. Our character was one of the lab’s best scientists. Their task was to develop more effective and newer recipes to protect crops, and Nox was, without a doubt, the most outstanding specialist in this business. He worked tirelessly to create new gases and tested them on live beings. Since the day when his secret was revealed, Alexander is considered missing, instead appeared a character called Caustic who now seems to have new targets to test his inventions on.