Apex Legends: Bangalore

Apex Legends: Bangalore

Real Name: Anita Williams

Age: 35

Ultimate Skill: Rolling Thunder

Passive Capability: Double Time

Tactical Capability: Smoke Grenades

This character is a real specialist in all sorts of weapons with outstanding skills. She is most often picked for a damage-dealer and it is definitely a character you can rely on. Anita’s story started in the family of soldiers. Anita has four elder brothers. All members of the Williams’ family worked for the IMC Armed Forces, so she wasn’t an exception. She started out as a student of the IMC Academy. Quickly, thanks to hard work and devotion, Anita became the best student and an outstanding soldier with a big pack of skills and excellent knowledge.

Anita successfully served until a fatal battle three years ago. Their group was ambushed upon arrival during the execution of the order for the withdrawal of hired fleet. The connection with headquarters was lost. While other members of the unit run away, Jackson (one of Anita’s brothers) remained at the battlefield to save his sister and give her a chance to escape. As a result, Bangalore was left alone and couldn’t go home. Having not much choice, she entered the Apex Games. Now, she dreams to come back and finally reunite with her family.