Apex Legends: Bloodhound

Apex Legends: Bloodhound

Real Name: Unknown

Home: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Ultimate Skill: Beast of the Hunt

Passive Capability: Tracker

Tactical Capability: Eye of the Allfather

This character comes from an unknown world and looks quite similar to the characters from the beginning of the Titanfall days. In the game, he plays the role of technological tracker. Bloodhound comes with some quite exciting features. He stands out thanks to its ability to light up the opponents and their footprints to help the team track them faster and easier. This ability explains why this legend is considered as one of the best hunters. The identity of this legend is unknown, and all we have is a bunch of guesses.

What we can say for sure is that his skills can outdo many other legends and that it is one of the most dangerous enemies on the battlefield in Apex Games. It is impossible to hide from Bloodhounds, which makes them demanded in every team.