Apex Legends: Gibraltar

Apex Legends: Gibraltar

Real Name: Makoa Gibraltar

Home: Solace

Age: 30

Ultimate Skill: Defensive Bombardment

Passive Capability: Gun Shield

Tactical Capability: Dome of Protection

This character may look like a big and tough guy. He does have that rebel spirit, but we all know that from inside he can be gentle. His legend is the most inspiring and positive of all as all he ever strived for is protecting those, who need it. He is a valuable ally on the battlefield, especially if the player knows how to use his shield effectively. He can save his teammates in the most intense fights. His shield provides decent protection from bullets. However, during the battle, he may be a bit slow.

Gibraltar was born by two SARS in Solace. He always seemed to have the right skills to save people’s lives, it was his vocation. But the true awareness of his skills’ importance had come only when he saw his dad’s sacrifice that took place when his mom and dad were saving Gibraltar from a dangerous trap. Since that time, his life’s primary mission is to defend others.

This is why he entered the Apex Games. Many of the people he knows are fighting there to earn money, so Gibraltar joined the battle to keep them safe.