Apex Legends: Lifeline

Apex Legends: Lifeline

Real Name: Ajay Che

Age: 24

Ultimate Skill: Care Package

Passive Capability: Combat Medic

Tactical Capability: D.O.C. Heal Drone

If you’d ask what characters are must-have for each team, nothing else would come to mind except Lifeline. While there are quite enough fighters to choose from, whose skills can bring you the win, this character is the only one who can not just protect your squad, but actually, cure those who are injured. And Ajay does it faster than anyone else.

She also features an interesting ultimate skill. It can update the gear of your team, but you can also use it as a bait for the enemies.

Ajay’s parents were war speculators. After she found out what her family did, she decided to leave them and join a humanitarian organization. She strived to help people, who have suffered because of the war. Although she has never been a killer, she is not averse to participating in the bloody Apex Games because she knows that she is fighting with good intention. She does this not for the profit, but for salvation. She wants to raise money with wins and give these funds to the Frontier Corps to support her organization and help more people.