Apex Legends: Mirage

Apex Legends: Mirage

Real Name: Elliott Witt

Home: Solace

Age: 30

Ultimate Skill: Vanishing Act

Passive Capability: Encore!

Tactical Capability: Psyche Out

This character is a local joker. He seems to be fooling around a lot. He also struggles with finding the right words, so most of the time everything he says sounds rather silly. His main skill is useful when you need to draw the enemy’s attention away from you or your squad on the battlefield. His diversionary tactic works as follows: you activate his ult and get closer to your enemies. The main idea is not to let them realize this is a trick until they fire in the empty air.

Elliot’s unusual nature was developed in childhood. He is a type of person, who always needs attention. However, since he grew up in a big family with four more children, it was harder for him to draw attention, so he started fooling around to stand out and get the attention he leaned for. Later he worked as a bartender, trying to earn money for living. That’s when he heard of an opportunity of getting the glory and wealth with the win in the Apex Games and decided to take the risk.