Apex Legends: Pathfinder

Apex Legends: Pathfinder

Real Name: MRVN

Home: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Ultimate Skill: Zipline Gun

Passive Capability: Insider Knowledge

Tactical Capability: Grappling Hook

Pathfinder is a rare pick. He seems not the most helpful on the battlefield. However,  he is a fun character to choose at least since he is a robot. The zip line he features is only helpful in some cases, but it is an excellent tool if you need to cover the ground quickly. MRVN also has a hook, which has everything needed to become one of the pro users’ favorite device. This is not a good choice of a character for those rushing into a battle, it is more for players who love planning the tactics and just those fond of robots.

He was created to scout different locations and survey. However, by the time he booted up, the lab, in which he was developed, was already abandoned. Not knowing who was his maker, MRVN started a long journey to find him. He didn’t succeed in his searches but never gave up. He joined the Apex Games with a hope to attract the attention of his creator.

Also, Pathfinder is probably the most kind of legend. He always remains friendly, enthusiastic, and strives to help everyone. No matter what happens you will see a smiling emoji on his screen.