Apex Legends: Wraith

Apex Legends: Wraith

Real Name: Edited

Home: Edited

Age: Edited

Ultimate Skill: Dimensional Rift

Passive Capability: Voices from the Void

Tactical Capability: Into the Void

This is another interesting character. Wraith has many highly useful skills. First of all, she can create portals to other dimensions that allow her to get from one point to another much faster than any other player could. What is more, all team members also can use her portals to overcome both short and long distances faster. This skill is helpful for both protection and assault. Same way, her abilities can help her disappear for a while.

Apart from Wraith’s ability to control the spacetime by creating cracks in reality, she is also a great soldier. She is the only character who can perform quick, unexpected, and quite dangerous assaults.  

We don’t have any information about her past, or better say, even she has no idea who she is. All we know is that she found herself a patient of a facility for mentally ill absolutely confused and not remembering a thing from her past. The voice in her head helped Wraith return her ability to control spacetime and run away from that place.