Apex Legends Weapons Overview

Best guns to use in Apex Legends

Guns List

Weapon Class Fire Modes Ammo Mag size Body damage Legs damage Head damage RPM Body DPS Recoil
R-301 Carbine AR Auto & Single Light ammo Light 18 14 11 28 720 168 Vertical, curve right
VK-47 Flatline AR Auto & Single Heavy ammo Heavy 20 16 - 32 600 160 Diagonal upper left
Hemlok Burst AR AR Burst & Single Heavy ammo Heavy 18 18 14 36 490 147 Vertical, curve left
HAVOC AR Auto & Single with mod Energy ammo Energy 25 18 - 36 556 167 Vertical
Alternator SMG SMG Auto Light ammo Light 16 13 - 19 640 138 Vertical
R-99 SMG Auto Light ammo Light 18 12 - 18 1080 216 Vertical, curve right
Prowler Burst PDW SMG Burst & Auto with mod Heavy ammo Heavy 20 14 - 21 800 186 Kick, vertical, curve left
M600 Spitfire LMG Auto Heavy ammo Heavy 35 2 - 40 512 170 Vertical zigzag
Devotion LMG Auto Energy ammo Energy 44 17 - 34 900 255 Vertical curve left & right
Triple Take Sniper Single Energy ammo Energy 5 23x3 - 46x3 88 101 Vertical, minor curve left
Longbow DMR Sniper Single Heavy ammo Heavy 5 55 - 110 86 78 Strong curve left
G7 Scout Sniper Single Light ammo Light 10 30 - 60 273 136 High vertical recoil
Kraber .50-cal Sniper Sniper Single Special Heavy ammo Special Heavy 4 125 95 250 36 75 Minor recoil
Peacekeeper Shotgun Single Shells ammo Shells 6 10x11 - 15x11 58 9-106 Minor
EVA-8 Auto Shotgun Auto Shells ammo Shells 8 7x9 - 10x9 128 14-134 Negligible
Mozambique Shotgun Shotgun Single Shells ammo Shells 3 15x3 - 22x3 180 45-135 Slight
Mastiff Shotgun Shotgun Single Special Shells ammo Special Shells 4 18x8 - 36x8 96 28-230 Slight
RE-45 Auto Pistol Auto Light ammo Light 15 11 - 16 750 137 Vertical, hard curve right
P2020 Pistol Single Light ammo Light 10 12 - 18 430 86 Vertical
Wingman Pistol Single Heavy ammo Heavy 6 45 41 90 205 153 Vertical

Apex Legends: General Weapon Overview

The game delivers a sufficient choice of weapons to the users. With 20 gun types in total, the developers did a good thing by including enough options to choose from into each category. This way, every player has a possibility to pick something that fits his preferences and skills.

While a wide selection of guns is always a good thing, it gets too easy to get lost in their range. Besides, it can get quite challenging to define, which gun of many can contribute to your playstyle and bring you the victory. To help you make the right choice, we have prepared a complete guide on all weapons available in Apex Legends with a brief overview on their capabilities, damage stats, available attachments, and other details you should know.


Before we look at the available guns, let’s first look at some unique features offered by developers. There are special attachments to improve the performance of every gun. These attachments, just like other loot, can be found anywhere on the map. In total, there are five categories of attachments:

Apex Legends Weapon Guide

In the game, each player can only have two weapons at a time, so it is essential to pick the best ones. Thanks to a wide range of options, you can find what suits your needs the most, and our guide should help you with this.

Light Machine Guns

M600 Spitfire

Unlike Devotion, Spitfire doesn’t churn out bullets as quickly. However, it is surprisingly accurate even from long distances and delivers high damage. Note that it takes a while to reload.

Devotion LMG

This is a beast LMG that allows you to take down several enemies with a single mag. It delivers high damage but has slow rate of fire in the beginning, so you’ll have to wait a bit until it “warms-up”. You can use it at different ranges.

Assault Rifles

R-301 Carbine

By stats, R-301 is the weakest AR because of its light ammo. However, since it is a full-auto weapon with 18-round mag, it is still powerful enough to take down enemies from short distances. It is also quite accurate.

Hemlock Burst AR

Hemlock’s burst mode with a 3-round pattern make it a highly accurate and damaging weapon. If used right, it can win you some time by killing rivals faster than they can react. However, you have to be comfortable with a burst mode to use this gun to its full potential.

VK-47 Flatline

Thanks to its heavy ammo, VK-47 can boast decent damage. It has a 20-round mag and provides you with enough firepower to shred through opponent’s shield. It is perfect at medium and close ranges.

Sub Machine Guns

Alternator SMG

This is a small, light SMG that packs a real punch. For better results, use it at close range. However, you should bear in mind its high recoil.

Prowler Burst PDW

Prowler is a rapid-fire, heavy SMG that shows accuracy of a good AR. Thus, it is effective at all ranges. Thanks to its 5-round burst, it boasts significant damage.

R-99 SMG

R-99 can boast of a fast fire rate, but it can take almost the full mag to actually take your enemy down. You can make the best use of it when you are close to your enemy.

Sniper Rifles

G7 Scout

This is the weakest option in the category. However, it allows you to make shots quite fast.

Longbow DMR

Unlike G7, Longbow is much more effective. It uses heavy rounds and thus, causes more damage. It's only con is a 5-round mag.

Triple Take

It is a unique sniper. It fires three projectiles in a single horizontal line and causes decent damage with each shot.

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

Being one of two legendary weapons in Apex Legends, Kraber doesn’t need any attachments to provide one of the highest damage stats in the game. It features variable 6x to 10x optic. Thus, it can be used from any distance.


Re-45 Auto

Re-45 is one of the weakest pistols. However, it allows players to make more shots, which means it can win you some time in the beginning of the game.


It is a unique pistol that uses shotgun shells for ammo. It can cause decent damage, but you should use it at quite a short range. But if you are close to the target, you will easily take it down with Mozambique.


This is a classic pistol. It shows average results in terms of damage because it comes with light ammo. We recommend only using it at the very beginning of the game.


Wingman causes significant damage with every shot. It can be used at different ranges, but you will have to practice your accuracy to take your rivals down from afar. It’s a great option for a sidearm weapon.



This shotgun shows impressive damage results. It is also really simple in use, so if you see it on the map, be sure to grab it!

Mastiff Shotgun

Second legendary weapon in the game is Mastiff. In a single shot you can make as much as 288 damage if you hit your enemy in the head.

Eva-8 Auto

It’s perfect for all levels of game. It doesn’t cause too much damage, but can kill an opponent without a single reload.

This is a full list of weapons that can be found in Apex Legends.