Devotion Review

In the Light Machine Guns group offered in Apex Legends, the Devotion is at the top of many users’ lists of the best weapons. Unlike the Spitfire, this LMG is a full-auto energy weapon, which means it comes with Energy bullets. It has only an auto firing mode like the Spitfire. Its fire rate is much higher – 900 RMP. It can also boast a higher DPS, the longer break between the full reload (3.63s), and a bigger mag of 44 bullets. It has a vertical curve left/right recoil. The available attachments are Optic, Stock, Mag, Barrel, and Hop-Up (and you really need this one).

Quick Stats

Class LMG
Fire Modes Auto
Ammo Energy
Mag Size 44
Body Damage 17
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 34
RPM 900
Body DPS 255
Recoil Vertical curve left & right



Devotion Strategy

This LMG allows you to take down multiple targets with a single mag, but you should note that its warp-up time is quite high. Its rate of fire is quite slow, which means you will have to hold the trigger longer. Its accurate hipfire, decent range, and high damage make it a deadly LMG. However, you shouldn’t rely on it too much if you don’t have a Hop-Up attachment, as, without it, the Devotion performs not too good at a close range and takes a while to warm up.

See Devotion in action