M600 Spitfire Review

In a wide range of weapons offered in Apex Legends, users can find two excellent options of Light Machine Guns. The first one is M600 Spitfire. It is a great full-auto LMG with heavy ammo, vertical zigzag recoil, and a single firing mode (auto). It can boast of a decent DPS of 170 and a fire rate of 512 RMP. Its draw time is o.70s. The projectile speed reaches 27 500. It causes more damage than another weapon from the LMG group and can be equipped with Stock, Mag, Barrel, Mag, and Optic attachments.

Quick Stats

Class LMG
Fire Modes Auto
Ammo Heavy
Mag Size 35
Body Damage 2
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 40
RPM 512
Body DPS 170
Recoil Vertical zigzag



M600 Spitfire Strategy

The speed of its bullets is lower compared to the Devotion, but it delivers serious damage and can be used at different distances. It is also worth noting that the Spitfire is much easier in use but as for a Light Machine Gun, the Spitfire surprises with its DPS and accuracy. It gives you enough bullets and firepower to tackle multiple targets. However, you have to keep in mind that this gun takes some time to reload, don’t let this catch you by surprise. You can come across many famous players from the game’s top list using this LMG. Picking between the Devotion (without a Hop-Up attachment) and Spitfire, we would recommend you to choose this gun.

See M600 Spitfire in action