Mastiff Shotgun Review

The Mastiff is a powerful semi-auto weapon that doesn’t give you a choice modes, so all is left for you is to use it in a single-shot regime. It is probably the most demanded shotgun in Apex Legends. It has a 4-round magazine and fires with unique shotgun shells. Compared to the rest of the rifles, its time between full reloads is too small – only 1.70s. However, 230.4 DPS (the highest in the group) easily compensates its insufficient flaws. Its recoil is also minor, fire rate is 1.6, projectile speed is 12 000, and draw time is 0.45 seconds. No attachments are available for this shotgun.

Quick Stats

Class Shotgun
Fire Modes Single
Ammo Special Shells
Mag Size 4
Body Damage 18x8
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 36x8
RPM 96
Body DPS 28-230
Recoil Slight



Mastiff Shotgun Strategy

The Mastiff is the second legendary rifle in the game. Its performance is far beyond other weapons, and it can cause as much as 288 damage in one shot so that it can make a real punch. The bad news is that it comes with unique ammo. This means you have only 20 shots with it. Still, it is a good pick because, with the right tactic and decent aiming, the Mastiff can definitely bring you the desired victory.

See Mastiff Shotgun in action