Mozambique Shotgun Review

The Mozambique is another option you have in the Shotgun category presented in Apex Legends. It is a shotgun pistol with a triple barrel that shots with usual shells. It only has one mode option – single and has negligible recoil. The Mozambique has the smallest magazine size of all – only three bullets. It can boast of a long time between reloads (it is the only 2.60s), but it does have a reasonably high DPS of 135. Draw time for this shotgun is 0.45 seconds, and projectile speed is 10 000. It has slots for Optic and Mag.

Quick Stats

Class Shotgun
Fire Modes Single
Ammo Shells
Mag Size 3
Body Damage 15x3
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 22x3
RPM 180
Body DPS 45-135
Recoil Slight



Mozambique Shotgun Strategy

Whether to use it or not is up to you but note that it is not the brightest weapon option out there. While the Mozambique can be deadly in the early game, even the developers of the game consider it unpowered. Its fire rate overdoes some other weapons in the group, and it has a bit longer range. This pistol can cause damage, although not too decent, but it reveals its damage potential only when you are close to the target. Otherwise, it is still quite bad in use and has weak characteristics even with attachments, so it is not the best choice of weapon for a victorious battle.

See Mozambique Shotgun in action