P2020 Review

The P2020 is another option form the Pistol group in Apex Legends. It comes with light ammunition with a 10-round mag. It is a semi-auto weapon. It has vertical recoil. The only mode available for P2020 is single-shot. Compared to other pistols, it has medium RMP of 430 and the lowest DPS of 86. You can only attach a Mag and Optic to P2020. The projectile speed of P2020 is 18 500. Its draw time is 0.25 seconds. The timing between tactical reloads is 1.25 seconds, and the same between full reloads. It brings more damage than Re-45.

Quick Stats

Class Pistol
Fire Modes Single
Ammo Light
Mag Size 10
Body Damage 12
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 18
RPM 430
Body DPS 86
Recoil Vertical



P2020 Strategy

The P2020 is just a standard pistol with an average performance. You shouldn’t expect too much damage from it, as it is also one of the weakest weapons in the game. It can only serve you well during the early rounds, giving enough power to survive the beginning of the battle. However, it is not a good choice to use later. Its performance is somewhat satisfactory only at close or medium distances.

See P2020 in action