Prowler Burst PDW Review

In the Apex Legends, players have a wide range of guns to choose from. The last weapon option in the Sub Machine Guns group is Prowler. The Prowler Burst PDW is the only gun in this category that has two firing modes – burst and auto. It is also the only gun that comes with heavy ammo. It has an extended mag of 20 bullets and 800 RMP. The Prowler has strong vertical, kick, and curve left recoil. It boasts of a 2.60s break between full reloads. Its projectile speed is 18000 and draw time is 0.35 seconds. Its potential can be improved with one of the following attachments: Stock, Optic, Mag, and Hop-Up.

Quick Stats

Class SMG
Fire Modes Burst & Auto with mod
Ammo Heavy
Mag Size 20
Body Damage 14
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 21
RPM 800
Body DPS 186
Recoil Kick, vertical, curve left



Prowler Burst PDW Strategy

The Prowler Burst PDW can be effective at different distances as it boasts the accuracy of a good Assault Rifle, has a rapid-fire nature, and can cause significant damage with its 5-round burst. However, the player has to aim carefully in order to benefit from the gun’s burst mode. It is also worth mentioning that without attachments its DPS and fire rate can’t compete with other guns from the group. But with the Hop-Up, you will unlock its auto mode and unveil its deadly damage potential!

See Prowler Burst PDW in action