R-301 Carbine Review

Among all weapons offered in Apex Legends, R-301 is one of the players’ favorites. It is a full-auto, light ammo weapon from the Assault Rifle group. Without exaggeration, the R-301 Carbine is the best option in this section of weapons offered in Apex Legends. One of the main distinctive features of this AR is its high accuracy. This AR surprises with its fast rate of fire, which reaches 720 RPM. It is also known for a low vertical and curve right recoil, and shows quite a high bullet speed. It has two fire modes – single and auto. It fits a number of attachments and shows excellent damage results per bullet. All these benefits make it the best choice of a deadly AR.

Quick Stats

Class AR
Fire Modes Auto & Single
Ammo Light
Mag Size 18
Body Damage 14
Legs Damage 11
Head Damage 28
RPM 720
Body DPS 168
Recoil Vertical, curve right


  • High Accuracy
  • 2x Headshot Multiplier
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Good Performance at close and medium range
  • Excellent Performance at Long Range


  • Low Damage
  • Low Base Ammo Capacity

R-301 Carbine Strategy

Although the R-301 has light ammo, it shouldn’t be considered as a weak AR. This weapon has low recoil and is a good choice of AR regardless of the range. Thanks to its smart fire modes, this AR can deliver high firepower and cause significant damage. It has an extended 18-round mag, Optic, Stock, and Barrel attachments. Thus, it performs excellently at the majority of ranges. For a close range, you should switch it to a full-auto mode and, if you change it to a single-shot mode, you can find this weapon effective also at a long range as it provides decent accuracy.

See R-301 Carbine in action



1X HCOG Classic Common
2X HCOG Bruiser Rare
3X HCOG Ranger Epic
1X Holo Common
1X-2X Vairiable Holo Rare
2X-4X Variable AOG Epic
4X-10X Digital Sniper Threat Legendary


Barrel Stabiliser Common Rare Epic
Extended Light Mag Common Rare Epic
Standard Stock Common Rare Epic

Damage Profiles


  • No Body Shield - 8 shots TK
  • Common Body Shield - 11 shots TK
  • Rare Body Shield - 13 shots TK
  • Epic/Legendary Body Shield - 15 Shots TK


  • No Body Shield - 4 shots TK
  • Common Body Shield - 6 Shots TK
  • Rare Body Shield - 7 Shots TK
  • Epic/Legendary - 8 Shots TK