R-99 Review

The Sub Machine Guns category offered in Apex Legends includes three gun options. Among all of them, the R-99 has a higher DPS and outperforms the Alternator because of its higher fire rate of 1080 RPM. Without a doubt, these facts make the R-99 is the most demanded option in this group of guns. What makes this SMG stand out is that it is light ammo, rapid-fire automatic gun. It also has one firing mode. It shows vertical and curve right recoil. It is important to note that there is a number of attachments that fir this gun including Optic, Stock, Mag, and Barrel.

Quick Stats

Class SMG
Fire Modes Auto
Ammo Light
Mag Size 18
Body Damage 12
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 18
RPM 1080
Body DPS 216
Recoil Vertical, curve right



R-99 Strategy

As was mentioned above, the R-99 can boast of quite a fast fire rate, which seems to make it a perfect choice. However, it takes time and skills to master this weapon because a player has to try hard to land most of its 18-round clip to take down the enemy. Thus, it is recommended to choose this SMG for close or medium distances. At a long range, its high recoil can really get in your way if you lack experience in dealing with this gun. However, if you can get a bit closer to your enemy, the R-99’s light rounds and quick firing sequence can bring you many benefits.

See R-99 in action