RE-45 Auto Review

The last group of weapons offered in Apex Legends is Pistols. Re-45 Auto belongs to this group. It is a full-auto gun with light ammo and sufficient vertical and hard curve right recoil. Its only firing mode is auto. The mag size of this pistol is 15, which is the biggest among weapons in this group. It has the highest RMP of 750. Players can equip Re-45 with Barrel, Mag, and Optic. Its draw time is 0.25 seconds and projectile speed 19 500. The Re-45 causes the least damage compared to other pistols.

Quick Stats

Class Pistol
Fire Modes Auto
Ammo Light
Mag Size 15
Body Damage 11
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 16
RPM 750
Body DPS 137
Recoil Vertical, hard curve right



RE-45 Auto Strategy

This pistol comes with less reload time and damage compared to other guns in the group. Thus, it may seem weaker, but its full-auto nature and extended mag allow you to make more shots, so it is a good pick for the early game. It is simple in use as all you need to use it effectively is to aim well. However, the players have to take into account its high recoil in order to tackle their enemies.

See RE-45 Auto in action