Triple Take Review

The Triple Take is a good choice of a Sniper Rifle in Apex Legends. It is the only triple-barrel gun that uses energy ammo in this group. Just like other Sniper Rifles offered in the game, it has only single firing mode, but it differs from other guns because of its 3-shot spread. It comes packed with the 5-round mag, has 3.60 seconds between full reloads, has a DPS of 86.25. It has vertical and minor curve left recoil. The projectile speed of this gun is 32000, and it has one of the most extended draw times in the group – 0.90 seconds. Attachments that fit the Triple Take are Hop-Up, Optic, and Stock. By the fire rate, it is second in the group with 1.25.

Quick Stats

Class Sniper
Fire Modes Single
Ammo Energy
Mag Size 5
Body Damage 23x3
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 46x3
RPM 88
Body DPS 101
Recoil Vertical, minor curve left



Triple Take Strategy

The Triple Take is a unique weapon from this category. It may look more like a shotgun that can be used from long distances because it shots three projectiles in a single horizontal line with every pull of the trigger. It has impressive damage stats. It is a perfect weapon for medium distances. However, its Energy bullets are quite hard to find, which is the biggest issue with this rifle.

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