VK-47 Flatline Review

Another gun from Assault Rifle category offered in Apex Legends is VK-47 Flatline. It is a full-auto (with a punch) gun that comes with heavy rounds. Although it may look a bit left behind because of the R-301, it is still a worthy weapon. According to stats, the VK-47 is something you may call a basic AR. It has a diagonal upper left recoil and two firing modes – single and auto. The draw time of this gun is 0.60 seconds. Its projectile speed is 26 000. Its rate of fire is 600 RPM, which is slightly lower than R-301’s. What makes it a good choice are its decent damage statistics, quite simple to control spray pattern, a high clip size, and a range of attachments that can apply to it.

Quick Stats

Class AR
Fire Modes Auto & Single
Ammo Heavy
Mag Size 20
Body Damage 16
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 32
RPM 600
Body DPS 160
Recoil Diagonal upper left


  • 2x Headshot Multiplier
  • High Damage
  • Good Performance at close & medium range
  • Good Ammo Depletion Time


  • Poor Accuracy
  • Poor Long Range Performance

VK-47 Flatline Strategy

This weapon comes with a 20-round mag. Thus, it gives you enough firepower to get through the opponent’s shield. Thanks to its heavy rounds, the Flatline can boast of significant damage results and packs a real punch. You can improve the characteristics of this weapon with different Stock, Optic, and Mag attachments. We recommend using the VK-47 when you need to hit targets from close and medium distances.

See VK-47 Flatline in action



1X HCOG Classic Common
2X HCOG Bruiser Rare
3X HCOG Ranger Epic
1X Holo Common
1X-2X Vairiable Holo Rare
2X-4X Variable AOG Epic
4X-10X Digital Sniper Threat Legendary


Extended Heavy Mag Common Rare Epic
Standard Stock Common Rare Epic

Damage Profiles


  • No Body Shield - 7 shots TK
  • Common Body Shield - 10 shots TK
  • Rare Body Shield - 11 shots TK
  • Epic & Legendary Body Shield - 13 Shots TK


  • No Body Shield - 4 shots TK
  • Common Body Shield - 5 Shots TK
  • Rare Body Shield - 6 Shots TK
  • Epic & Legendary - 7 Shots TK