Wingman Review

Looking for the best Pistol in Apex Legends, the Wingman would be a great choice. It is a high-powered revolver with heavy rounds and vertical recoil. It only has a single mode. Its magazine is the smallest in the group and fits only six bullets. However, in this section, it shows the best head and body damage with the highest 153 DPS. Its fire rate is lower compared to other pistols and is only 205 RMP. The Wingman has slots for Mag, Optic, and Hop-Up. Its projectile speed is 18 000 and draw time is the same as other pistols’ – 0.25 seconds.

Quick Stats

Class Pistol
Fire Modes Single
Ammo Heavy
Mag Size 6
Body Damage 45
Legs Damage 41
Head Damage 90
RPM 205
Body DPS 153
Recoil Vertical



Wingman Strategy

This revolver is a perfect option for a sidearm. It can cause lots of damage with a single shot and is the only pistol with heavy rounds. The Wingman can’t be called an easy-to-use gun. It requires showing off your skills in accuracy and sharpshooting, which may take some time to develop. However, once you master the Wingman, it can bring you to a win as it is the only powerful pistol out there. Besides, with a Hop-Up, its damage capabilities increase further, while optical scopes allow it to overdo even sniper rifles.

See Wingman in action