Developers Of Apex Legends Could Surprise Fans With 3 New Map Options

Recently there has been plenty of chitchat around the newly launched game of the battle royale genre. Apex Legends, recently introduced by Respawn, has already conquered millions of fans around the world. The game is integrated into the Titanfall universe. Currently its unique map consists of several diversified environments but, fortunately for a huge fan army, there is still plenty of space for improvement and potential for new maps.

At the moment, the game’s arena called “King’s Canyon” represents an expansive environment, which harmoniously combines elements of the desert, urban, and jungle environments, and links different ecosystems in one.

Previously, the games from the Titanfall universe (entries one and two) offered several map options for multiplayer. However, unlike Apex Legends, those were not battle royale experiences.

The creators of the game are aware that they have to update the content regularly to keep the players engaged. Obvious evidence of this statement is a popular game Fortnite created by the Respawn’s competitors.

Fortnite didn’t really present any new maps. However, they regularly update the current one, making changes to the weather and existing locations. Below, we have collected the top three map ideas that Apex Legends’ fans would love to see in the game.

Snow Map

Fans of the Titanfall didn’t have a chance to see a winter map yet, which is why it would be an obvious addition to their new game.

PUBG and Fortnite both integrated winter styled maps, so we believe that Respawn should do the same. It could bring Apex Legends gameplay to an entirely new level.

Angel City

Players who loved the original Titanfall should remember “Angel City” as its classic map. This urban location was popular among users, which is why Respawn also included its adjusted version in Titanfall 2. Adding it to their new game is a good idea.

Titan Map

We bet that many fans were disappointed with the absence of Titans in the game, especially considering the fact that Apex Legends is integrated into the Titanfall universe. Thus, adding a new map designed to use Titans would be a brilliant idea.

Along with these new maps ideas, there is still much space for improvement of the current map to keep the users interested. Respawn have already used many ideas and designs from the Titanfall in Apex Legends including the Bloodhound character, which was initially designed for the original Titanfall.

Right now, Respawn team is doing its best to ensure balance and stability in their new game and may add new modes to the gameplay before they will make further additions like maps, but it is something to anticipate.