Apex Legends Characters Guide and Best Legends List

Apex Legends, a new hero-based game in the battle royale genre, has the same idea as other games of this kind. The player chooses a landing spot, loots up, and has a goal to remain the last player in the battlefield. However, what makes Apex Legends different, is that you can’t play it solo. All battles are played in squads minimum of three characters.

All legends have a unique nature, so players have to understand the importance of the right squad composition. In this post, we will tell you all you need to know about team formation, different characters presented in the game, and will share our opinion on who is the best.

How do You Choose the Squad?

Apex Legends Characters

Apex Legends stands out among similar games because the victory here depends not only on the player’s strategy and skills but also on his choice of characters. The developers gave us quite a big pool of legends to pick from, and each is unique.

Players of Apex Legends have almost full freedom of choice when it comes to selecting characters. However, you have to adhere to several simple rules. First of all, during each match, you are allowed to have only one specific character in your team, which means you can’t have two of the same kind at once. Thus, it is vital to choose wisely.

You can create a squad with a minimum of three legends. It is not necessary to have many characters in your team, but in order to succeed, you should pick at least three characters you are most comfortable with.

Since every hero has unique abilities, players have to think of the best combinations to create a squad, whose members harmoniously complement each other's skills. Remember that the right choice is halfway to success!

If you are wondering which legends to play with, our short guide will tell you more about each of them. With its help, you will be able to decide which one of them fits your style of playing the best.

Quick Character Guide

Here is a short overview of each character and his or her abilities:









Which Legends are the Best?

In total, players have a selection of eight unique characters. You have learned about their skills in our short guide, and now we will tell you which ones are the most useful in a battlefield.

1. Bloodhound


Why: This one of the most aggressive characters. However, it is hard to find a more valuable (in a tactical sense) legend than Bloodhound. With his sharp senses, he can track down and attack opponents faster than any other character. His tracking skills don’t cover a big area but will definitely come in handy during the battle.

How to play: the best strategy for a player who picks Bloodhound is to use his tracking abilities to the maximum and share all the tactical data he collects with the team. His ultimate power can be used both for attacks and escape.

2. Lifeline


Why: What can be more vital during the battle than Lifeline’s curing powers? She can heal her teammates herself or with the help of her drone. In addition, this character can equip your team with a much better gear using her ultimate package. Her package can also be used to attract enemies into a trap. She cures 25% quicker than anyone else. Thus, she is an excellent character to have on the team.

How to play: Lifeline can be a good fighter. However, we recommend keeping her away from the intense fight and aim to leave her the last standing character. Keeping her next to the squad and, at the same time, away from the fight, you will be able to heal your team members and provide gear during the whole match.

3. Gibraltar


Why: This big, bulky guy is a perfect addition to every team. He will support and defend his squad in the battlefield. His shields can protect you for 15 seconds, and he is also a good soldier capable of taking down the enemies on his way.

How to play: We recommend finding him a good sniper and kill your enemies, while they won’t be able to get through your shield. He also has a pretty cool ultimate skill, which may be acting a bit slow but still causes lots of damage and covers a large area.

These are the best characters to play as in Apex Legends. With any of them your chances of success will boost, but keep in mind that it is not enough to pick a strong character to win the battle. The outcome of the match depends on how well you can apply their skills!