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Apex Legends Stats

Highest Level

1994 LVL

Most Kills

56,183 Kills

Most Damage

11,292,404 Damage

Gear Used by Pro's

Redragon K552 RED

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Logitech G Pro Wireless

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Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair

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Hyperx Cloud II

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Gaming Monitor

Asus VG278Q 27"

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SkyTech Blaze

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TOP 10 Players
# Player Kills Matches
1 Twitch_Apryze pc 56,183
3 AverageAden pc 51,472
4 ShivFPS pc 46,004
5 Ameyza ps 45,784
6 snukesbb pc 45,175 2700
7 Twitch_MVP_Ras pc 44,935
8 CujoThaGod ps 44,878
9 rizaRn1_TTV pc 43,880
10 TTXTR ps 43,448

Apex Legends Guide: Tracking Your Stats

Both new and experienced gamers may wonder why they can see only a few stats on their page in Apex Legends, a game in battle royale genre recently released by Respawn. In fact, you can find more stats if you know where to look for them. In our post, we will guide you through the process of stat tracking in this game.

Without exaggeration, Apex Legends currently is one of the most popular games. According to Twitch, this game even outdoes known around the world Fortnite by the number of viewers. Being a battle royale game, Apex Legends assumes high competition among players. Thus, it is essential to track your statistics to see how well you are doing.

Apex Legends popularity

Players, who want to control the progress of their game, can use a website that features special tracker. Unfortunately, you can be a bit disappointed after logging in because on the website you can only see what you equipped on your banner.

Luckily, it is possible to unlock more stats in your game. Find a step-by-step guide on how to open up statistics for every character in our article.

The battle royale format is also present in some poker rooms, where gameplay involves knocking out players until there is only one winner left. It is also very important for poker players to gather statistics on their competitors, as this helps them confidently pave their way to victory.

What is the Purpose of Gathering Players Stats in Poker Games?

Gathering statistics on players in poker games can provide valuable insights into their playing style, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. This information can then be used to make better decisions during the game, such as when to bluff, when to fold and when to call. It can also help players identify patterns in their opponents' behavior and adjust their own strategies accordingly, ultimately increasing their chances of winning.

Detailed Guide On Unlocking In-Game Stats

apex legends track stats

If you are wondering why you can only find a few stats in Apex Legends, here is the answer – the full list of statistics is also available in the game, but it has to be unlocked in order to see it. Follow these steps:

how to track apex stats

In this tab, you will see a complete list of statistics including the number of headshots, wins, kills, and other information that helps track your success. However, in order to see any data, you have to unlock it.

create apex legends banner

There are two possible ways of unlocking – with crafting material or in Apex Packs. If you choose the first method, it will cost you only 30 crafting material for each statistic, and it is a great way to use crafting material because using it for skins or weapon is too expensive, while this material is quite a rare find.

how to unlock apex stats

After you go through all the steps, you will see the stats both in the game and on the website. To see the statistic of your main character in Apex Tracker, don’t forget to pick it as your showcase legend before you log off.

To change active characters on the website, pick them as showcase legend and click “force update" on the page with stats. You can find it underneath the Add Legend tab. You will have to wait a few minutes until the page updates.

We hope that you found our guide helpful and now can monitor the stats in your game. Currently, the method described in this article is the only possible way to track your statistics, but we believe that Respawn will provide more opportunities over some time, as the popularity of the game is growing.

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