Alternator SMG Review

In Apex Legends, users have a range of weapons from the Sub Machine Guns group and the first one on offer is the Alternator. This gun is equipped with 16 light-round mag. It is a full-auto SMG with twin barrel and a single auto firing mode. The period between full reloads of the Alternator is 2.23 seconds, but it is known for quick recharge time. Its projectile speed is 19 500 and the draw time is 0.35 seconds. Although this is a slow-firing weapon with 640 RPM and quite high vertical recoil, it causes decent damage.

Quick Stats

Class SMG
Fire Modes Auto
Ammo Light
Mag Size 16
Body Damage 13
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 19
RPM 640
Body DPS 138
Recoil Vertical



Alternator SMG Strategy

The Alternator is an excellent gun for new users thanks to its versatility and ease of control. It performs well at close range, but if you try to use it from long distances, you will have to deal with quite a high recoil. Also, it can’t compete with a good Light Machine Gun or Assault Rifle. Still, it is a good choice of a weapon, and, with a variety of available attachments (including Mag, Stock, Barrel, and Optic) you can enhance its stats and performance.

See Alternator SMG in action



1X HCOG Classic Common
2X HCOG Bruiser Rare
3X HCOG Ranger Epic
1X Holo Common
1X-2X Vairiable Holo Rare
2X-4X Variable AOG Epic
1X Digital Threat Legendary


Barrel Stabiliser Common Rare Epic
Extended Light Mag Common Rare Epic
Standard Stock Common Rare Epic

Damage Profiles


  • No Body Shield - 8 shots TK
  • Common Body Shield - 11shots TK
  • Rare Body Shield - 13 shots TK
  • Epic/Legendary Body Shield - 15 Shots TK


  • No Body Shield - 4 shots TK
  • Common Body Shield - 6 Shots TK
  • Rare Body Shield - 7 Shots TK
  • Epic/Legendary - 8 Shots TK