EVA-8 Auto Review

Looking at the Shotgun section and the options it holds, you can see that Eva-8 significantly gives in to other models of weapons from this group offered in Apex Legends. It is a full-auto shotgun packed with 8-round shell mag. Like other shotguns here, it has negligible recoil. Its draw time is 0.45 seconds and projectile speed 16 000. It stands out thanks to its astoundingly fast fire rate. However, it can’t compete with other rifles in the category by the damage stats.

Quick Stats

Class Shotgun
Fire Modes Auto
Ammo Shells
Mag Size 8
Body Damage 7x9
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 10x9
RPM 128
Body DPS 14-134
Recoil Negligible



EVA-8 Auto Strategy

The main advantage of Eva-8 is that it can be used on all levels of the game. It is quite simple in use. It certainly can’t compete with other shotguns by damage indicators, but it is much more flexible. It gives you a possibility to make more shots than your enemy before you will have to reload it, which can be somewhat beneficial in the intense battle. It also gives you considerable firepower, which often wins you the fight. However, it is vital to ensure that you have a good stock of shells before you enter the battlefield with Eva-8.

See EVA-8 Auto in action