G7 Scout Review

The Sniper Rifle category in Apex Legends has four different options to choose from. One of them is G7 Scout and it is impossible to go pass it if you are looking for an effective weapon. It comes with a mag of 10 light rounds and has only a single-shot mode. Its draw time is the lowest among all Sniper Rifles – 0.60 seconds. It has to be fully reloaded more often compared to other rifles in the group, the time you have between recharges is only 3.00 seconds. Its projectile speed is the highest and reaches 31 500. Among the rifles in this group, the Scout boasts of the highest fire rate of 4.75 SPS. For performance boost, this rifle comes with slots for Mag, Barrel, Stock, and Optic.

Quick Stats

Class Sniper
Fire Modes Single
Ammo Light
Mag Size 10
Body Damage 30
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 60
RPM 273
Body DPS 136
Recoil High vertical recoil



G7 Scout Strategy

Many players choose this rifle for battles due to its simple use and extended mag. What makes G7 Scout one of the most demanded Sniper Rifles is its versatility. Surprisingly, it can show good performance from far, medium and even short distances. It may seem the weakest sniper because of worse damage stats. However, with the biggest mag and highest fire rate among all rifles, it is still a good choice even though it causes the same damage with several shots that other snipers could do with one.

See G7 Scout in action