Hemlok Burst AR Review

Looking for a perfect weapon for a battle, it is hard to bypass the Hemlok Burst AR. It is 3-round burst gun with heavy ammunition and two different modes: burst and single. It is the last weapon from the Assault Rifle group offered in Apex Legends. This AR’s main distinctive feature is a burst mode option. In this mode, it is firing 3 bullets in highly fast sequence, which makes it possible to cause more than 100 damage within 0.2 seconds. It has the lowest rate of fire among all weapons in the AR category – 490 RPM. It has a vertical and curve left recoil. The draw time of this gun is 0.60 seconds, and its projectile speed is 27 500. To improve the performance of the gun, it can be equipped with Barrel, Stock, Optic, and Mag attachments.

Quick Stats

Class AR
Fire Modes Burst & Single
Ammo Heavy
Mag Size 18
Body Damage 18
Legs Damage 14
Head Damage 36
RPM 490
Body DPS 147
Recoil Vertical, curve left


  • High Accuracy
  • High Burst Damage
  • Good Medium and Long Range
  • Good Burst Rate Of Fire


  • Low Overall Rate Of Fire
  • 1.25x Headshot Multiplier
  • Low Base Ammo Capacity
  • Poor Close Range Performance

Hemlok Burst AR Strategy

The Hemlok shows the highest damage results compared to the other two guns from the AR group presented in Apex Legends. Its mag consists of 18 bullets, and with its accurate 3-round firing pattern, it allows you to take your enemies down within a shorter time. However, in the burst mode, it is not too efficient at the short range. Due to this reason, many users prefer to switch this gun to a single mode. This makes it more effective at longer ranges and more controllable.

See Hemlok Burst AR in action



1X HCOG Classic Common
2X HCOG Bruiser Rare
3X HCOG Ranger Epic
1X Holo Common
1X-2X Vairiable Holo Rare
2X-4X Variable AOG Epic
4X-10X Digital Sniper Threat Legendary


Barrel Stabiliser Common Rare Epic
Extended Heavy Mag Common Rare Epic
Standard Stock Common Rare Epic

Damage Profiles


  • No Body Shield - 6 Shots TK
  • Common Body Shield - 9 shots TK
  • Rare Body Shield - 10 shots TK
  • Epic/Legendary Body Shield - 12 Shots TK


  • No Body Shield - 5 shots TK
  • Common Body Shield - 7 Shots TK
  • Rare Body Shield - 8 Shots TK
  • Epic/Legendary - 9 Shots TK