Longbow DMR Review

Apex Legends offers a fairly wide selection of Sniper Rifles to pick from. One of our favorite ones is the Longbow – a semi-auto weapon. It has one firing mode – single-shot. It has quite a high curve left recoil. It is the only Sniper Rifle with heavy ammunition. It has a 5-round magazine. Its draw time is 0.90 seconds, and projectile speed reaches 30 500. The Longbow gives you more time before it has to be fully reloaded – 3.66 seconds, which is the second best result in this category. It has quite a high DPS of 66. This sniper has slots for Hop-Up, Barrel, Mag, Optic, and Stock.

Quick Stats

Class Sniper
Fire Modes Single
Ammo Heavy
Mag Size 5
Body Damage 55
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 110
RPM 86
Body DPS 78
Recoil Strong curve left



Longbow DMR Strategy

For long distances, the Longbow is a perfect choice, as it performs much better than an Assault Rifle or SMG. It is quite easy to use, so even new players can handle it. Its rate of fire is fairly decent, although worse than the Scout’s. However, compared to the G7 Scout, the Longbow delivers almost twice more damage. With several attachments, its performance boosts significantly and makes it a deadly Sniper, especially with a Hop-Up that adds extra headshot damage.

See Longbow DMR in action