Peacekeeper Review

The Peacekeeper in Apex Legends is what you can call a classic shotgun of a lever-action nature. It has a mag that consists of 6 shells and a single mode. Projectile speed of this gun is 16 000 with its draw time of 0.45 seconds. It only delivers minor recoil and yet causes quite severe damage. However, in the Shotguns group, it is the slowest firing option, which can create lots of issues if your aiming isn’t too good. It has slots for Hop-Up, Optic, and Mag.

Quick Stats

Class Shotgun
Fire Modes Single
Ammo Shells
Mag Size 6
Body Damage 10x11
Legs Damage -
Head Damage 15x11
RPM 58
Body DPS 9-106
Recoil Minor



Peacekeeper Strategy

It is an excellent weapon to add to your collection. Easy in use, causing lethal damage, and firing 11 pellets in a star formation each time you make a shot – all of these characteristics make it quite efficient on the battlefield. It also shows phenomenal damage from short distances. Its performance gets even better with a Hop-Up that allows you to hold down ADS and thus, gain a tighter spread on your shots. Without a doubt, the Peacekeeper is the best weapon in the category, except maybe Mastiff that also shows excellent stats.

See Peacekeeper in action